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The journey to the final December 3


ABB Electrification Virtual Startup Challenge
3 challenges, 3 winners

Innovate the digital future of smart homes 

ABB is a world-leading provider of smart home solutions. The company is working together with partners to create smarter residential homes.


Through intelligent and automatic lighting, air-conditioning, heating and movement detection, we provide greater energy efficiency and increased security. In a Smarter Home you can get the best in comfort and control the heart of the home at the touch of a button remotely or from the comfort of your armchair.


We are looking for innovative solutions, which enhance the ABB Smart Home offering as a means to lower the energy footprint, engaging and supporting the end-users to seriously start having sustainable behaviors and enhancing their habits, entertaining while pushing forward to sustainability.

Energy efficiency in Industrial buildings 

The demand for energy in industrial plants has a relevant impact on the overall production costs.


Digitalization has transformed electrical systems, allowing them to achieve maximum performance, reducing costs and development time. Optimizing electrical systems becomes possible through the collection of real-time data from loads, power consumed as well as other inputs such as power availability from power sources (solar systems, local storage systems, environmental data such as temperature and humidity). 


We would like to improve and enhance the energy efficiency for any plant through its Energy Management and are looking for innovative solutions to optimize loads inside of a plant.

Reliable power distribution in Industry and Utilities 

Today reliable and constantly available energy supply is crucial. To distribute power from power generation to and within process industry plants, data center and other infrastructure areas, medium and low voltage switchgear solutions are used.


The correct function of components in the switchgear, such as circuit breaker, over the entire life depends on the environmental conditions i.e. in harsh environment regular maintenance is required. With digitalization of switchgear and collection of data i.e. from temperature sensors, the target is to determine the operating conditions and derive reliable information on switchgear availability. 


We are looking for innovative solutions to detect changes in conditions of electrical equipment and environment of switchgear inside of a plant.

Grand Finale Judging Panel

Anton Kotov, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, ABB Electrification

Malin Carlstrom, Head of Ventures, ABB Electrification

Erika Velazquez, Digital Ecosystem Manager, ABB Electrification 

Peter Löfgren, Managing Director, SynerLeap

Laurence Janssens, Western Europe Manufacturing Industry Lead, Microsoft

Division Review Board: Smart Buildings

Francesco Renelli, Investor Manager Electrification Venture

Dirk John, Digital Innovation Manager, ABB Smart Buildings

Giulia Castiglioni, Product Manager Digital, ABB Smart Buildings

Holger Krummel, Building Management Product Owner, ABB Electrification

Jan P. Schaefer, Product Manager, ABB Smart Buildings

Division Review Board: Smart Power

Francesco Renelli, Investor Manager Electrification Venture

Giuseppe Casagrande, Digital Lead, ABB Smart Power

Razvan Pitic, Product Manager Digital, ABB Smart Power

Fabio Monachesi, Product Manager Digital, ABB Smart Power

Division Review Board: Distribution Solutions

Francesco Renelli, Investor Manager Electrification Venture

Sherif El-Meshad, Digital Lead, ABB Distribution Solutions

Andrea Rota, Business Development Manager, ABB Distribution Solutions

Radek Javora, Startup & Tech Scouting, ABB Distribution Solutions




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Let’s write the future. Together.

ABB is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. By connecting software to its electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels. With a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years, ABB’s success is driven by about 110,000 talented employees in over 100 countries. 

SynerLeap Powered by ABB

By bringing startups, ABB, industrial partners and our customers together through our innovation growth hub SynerLeap, we ignite innovation transfer across industries, ranging from industrial automation, robotics to grid technologies, smart cities, buildings and transportation technologies. So far we have created more than 110 collaborations, together with our 90 startups members from 14 countries. SynerLeap brings in 1-3 new members monthly, and almost one new ABB collaboration is starting every week. We are open for international members!


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