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Prize: Project funded up to $30,000 


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Smart Buildings challenge:
Innovate the sustainability of smart commercial buildings 

We are looking for startups and scaleups who are ready to integrate with our team, products and solutions.

ABB is a world-leading provider of solutions for smart commercial buildings. The company is working with partners to create innovative solutions and business models within a building ecosystem to achieve maximum performance, reduce costs and increase sustainability.

  • Optimizing buildings is possible through an integration of all building data, applications and services in an open building ecosystem. Breaking down the silos of previously separated domains facilitates the collection of real-time data from the building and its users to generate numerous opportunities to create value-added applications.

  • We would like to engage with you to enlarge essential data acquisition capabilities within the buildings, create innovative applications and optimize for buildings. 

Smart commercial buildings are not new.

Architects and developers have been installing separate systems to control lighting, heating and ventilation (HVAC) for decades. Later systems have helped building managers control access to different areas of a site, mitigate fire risk and protect against power surges.

What is new is the addition of web-based and on-premise platforms to allow these verticals to integrate seamlessly with each other.

They can deliver a single view of how efficiently and effectively a building operates.


We are asking you to contribute to this journey in making commercial buildings safe, smart and sustainable by

  • expanding the solution scope for smart commercial buildings

  • expanding and accelerating the data acquisition capabilities in buildings

  • creating applications for building users and building stakeholders

  • proposing new business models and outlining new opportunities

  • adding predictive ML/AI-technologies to buildings

  • maximizing performance, reducing cost and increasing sustainability and thus optimizing buildings

The winner award is: 

A project for a PoC, worth up to $30,000, with the ultimate goal to be productized and offered to ABB customers

Additional awards to the winner:

  • 6-months SynerLeap membership (value up to $8,000)

  • Exclusive mentoring sessions with Microsoft startup advisors

Collaborate with ABB experts

You will receive expert support from ABB during the 10 days of competition. 


Dirk John

Digital Lead


Holger Krummel

Product Manager

The Smart Buildings Challenge presented by Dirk John.


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About Smart Buildings

Safe, smart, sustainable buildings – Improving people’s lives and ways of working

  • We digitally transform buildings for the highest level of comfort, efficiency, safety and security. Our focus is on creating products and solutions that improve people’s lives and ways of working in the buildings of today and the future. 

  • A number of trends are accelerating the need to adapt our commercial and living spaces. We’re working together with partners to broaden the understanding of what is possible through digitalization and building smarter spaces that meet our modern needs.

  • Building automation solutions are key to creating safe and sustainable spaces that support new ways of living and working in a changing world. 

  • Now is the time to expand our view of how buildings should operate and harness the power of data and the latest IoT-based technology to create intelligent, welcoming, secure and energy-efficient buildings and homes of the future.