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The Smart Buildings Challenge 2022

Mike Mustapha
Smart Buildings
ABB Electrification


Winner award: Collaboration project worth $30,000 


Jury Motivation

The winner has created a great concept and plan
including an appealing Proof-of-Concept addressing our challenge with a clear and concise way. With the proposed solution we are able to connect different data sources, adding context and provide actionable

insights back to the user.

The winner allows to bridge end users to the sophisticated technology with simple and engaging means helping to make billion of better “decisions “, even for non-trained users.

We are looking forward to jointly work on this

ambitious project, the winner is MOOST!


The Smart Buildings Challenge

Prompt climate-friendly decisions about the way we use buildings


Drive digitalization and sustainability by enhancing the ABB Smart Buildings sub-distribution ecosystem with your digital application.

Apply now, if you want to work with us on:

  • Creating innovative and intuitive applications for non-specialist users or installers to support better decision making, maintenance, or to improve the service lifetime of the sub-distribution ecosystem within buildings

  • Connecting to ABB solutions in the sub-distribution ecosystem and utilizing the generated data for these value adding applications

  • Leveraging AI and data analytics in web-based, mobile or local solutions to create new features such as “digital” submetering (Preferably with limited or without adding additional hardware to the sub-distribution system)

  • Exploring Business Model Innovation around the sub-distribution ecosystem (e.g., gamification, rewards for climate-friendly behavior in buildings)

Focus segments:

  • Commercial buildings such as offices

  • Residential single or multi-dwelling houses

The open innovation X factor:

  • You are welcome to apply even if your solution is not completely within the scope. We are always open for out of the box solutions

Awards for the winner: 

  • $30,000 for a collaboration with ABB Electrification to develop an MVP that can be productized and offered to ABB customers

  • 6 month free SynerLeap membership, ABB's startup accelerator, which will boost your growth and visibility across ABB, our partners and customers (Value $8'000)

  • Exclusive mentoring sessions with Microsoft startup advisors

Collaborate with ABB experts

  • You will receive expert support from ABB during the 10 days of competition


Smart Buildings 
Dirk John, Digital Innovation Manager
Luciano di Maio, Digital and Cyber Security Manager

SB anchor
SB video

ABB Smart Buildings sub-distribution ecosystem


Application view


About Smart Buildings

Safe, smart, sustainable buildings – Improving people’s lives and ways of working

  • We digitally transform buildings for the highest level of comfort, efficiency, safety and security. Our focus is on creating products and solutions that improve people’s lives and ways of working in the buildings of today and the future. 

  • A number of trends are accelerating the need to adapt our commercial and living spaces. We’re working together with partners to broaden the understanding of what is possible through digitalization and building smarter spaces that meet our modern needs.

  • Building automation solutions are key to creating safe and sustainable spaces that support new ways of living and working in a changing world. 

  • Now is the time to expand our view of how buildings should operate and harness the power of data and the latest IoT-based technology to create intelligent, welcoming, secure and energy-efficient buildings and homes of the future.

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