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Re-imagine Imaging


Winner award: Collaboration project worth $30,000 


Re-imagine Imaging – How imaging can improve the safety, productivity and sustainability of ABB's Analytical measurement customers.

Over the past decade, the cost of digital cameras and hardware to implement powerful imaging computations has declined significantly. This challenge is about using digital imaging to complement our analyzer portfolio and provide more insights to customers about their challenges and process. 

We are looking for a broad range of proposals to spark new ideas and generate new innovative approaches. 

Examples for inspiration are given below but we are open to all ideas: 

  • Improving safety or efficiency of the process where the analyzers are installed​

  • Helping customers to monitor the conditions of the process, or of the analyzers, and implementing predictive maintenance capabilities​

  • Increasing the accuracy or validating measurement values​

  • Measuring concentrations or properties with digital imaging that are traditionally measured with other technologies, or have been inefficient, very difficult or impossible to measure

Application period has ended

Awards for the winner: 

  • $30,000 for a collaboration with ABB Measurement & Analytics to develop an MVP that can be productized and offered to ABB customers

  • 6 month free SynerLeap Special Membership, ABB's startup accelerator, which will boost your growth and visibility across ABB, our partners and customers (Value $10'000)

Collaborate with ABB experts

  • You will receive expert support from ABB during the 10 days of competition


Andreas Strauch
R&D and PMO Manager,
Quebec and San Jose
Measurement & Analytics Division
ABB Process Automation


Doug Baer

CTO/Business Development,
Laser Spectroscopy
Measurement & Analytics Division
ABB Process Automation


PA02 challenge

About ABB Measurement & Analytics

ABB’s Analytical Business Line manufactures and markets a wide range of devices to measure the chemical concentrations (e.g. content of oxygen, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen, methane etc.) of liquids, gases and solids. 

This information is used by many industries for the control of their production processes, the safety of their operations, compliance with regulations, to optimize the quality of their end-product and to operate more sustainably. We are passionate about enabling customers to measure where they need to, whether land, sea or space, by stretching the boundaries of technology to meet their challenges through our talented people and global analytical expertise.

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