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The Challenge for Electrification Service

Stuart Thompson
President Service
ABB Electrification


Winner award: Collaboration project worth $30,000 


EcoCounter – a tool amplifying the ability for taking the right decision, implementing the change* and mitigating the risk
We have a need today to be able to demonstrate sustainability in a repeatable, reliable, trustworthy & most importantly, quantifiable way to our customers & shareholders.

>> Learn more about the change*

The tool should calculate, record, display & report sustainability-related benefits (e.g. CO2 emissions, etc.) of using ABB EL Service solutions such as:

  • Remote services: e.g. Remote Training & Remote Assistance >> drastically reduces the need for travel and the associated CO2 emissions.

  • Our ability to retrofit sub-components such as MV & LV breakers & relays means there is no need to replace a complete switchboard >> drastically reduces CO2 emissions associated with manufacturing, transportation & disposal of redundant equipment.

  • Other virtual and collaborative services in the area of training, optimised maintenance, operations & troubleshooting >> users perform activities by themselves without the need for travelling by an ABB expert.

The logging should display and record: 

  • Total ‘Service’ business CO2 savings against time.

  • Individual customer savings of CO2 against time.

  • Enable the comparison of different services approaches (ie traditional v digital) in terms of CO2 impact.

  • To provide data about CO2 impact to be used in customer sales proposals to highlight the CO2 savings benefits of choosing ABB for ‘Service’

What it might connect to and data sources: 

Various existing tools within ‘Service’ might be available such as:

  • Product information for new equipment such as EPD’s & LCA’s from ABB & third-party suppliers

  • The supplier/creator of the tool should provide and source data about transport emissions etc to provide the base for CO2 savings calculations.

  • The sources of data must always be recognisable and conform to relevant standard (the tool creator/supplier will be responsible for ensuring this).

  • It should run on an Azure subscription. Python based or equivalent is the preferred choice. It shall interface with a dedicated user interface (web application) using the API. API should also allow to interface with other ABB tools"

How the tool could go to market – marketing strategy: 
Pre-sales – By Customers & Service Sales Teams

  • To enable positive comparison to be made by choosing one service option over another.

  • To give an upfront estimate to the Customer about the CO2 impact & saving that will result from their purchase. This should support the need for Customers who are now required to be seen to be aware of their CO2 emissions and take active steps to reduce them.

Post Sales – By Customers & Sales Teams

  • To be able to obtain a report detailing the CO2 emissions and savings made by use of a particular service.

  • A totaliser of the CO2 impact and savings to be made available to customers over a selectable period of time and an overall ABB ‘Service’ Counter. 

The principle behind the above points is to be able to grow the ’Service’ business by enabling Customers to choose a ‘Service’ provider that can give the reports and documentation mention above over a competitor ‘Service’ provider that is not able to do so. In short, with this tool we will be able to promote Sustainability as a quantifiable value proposition.

While the tool is primarily to be used for marketing purposes (used without charge) we would welcome ideas and suggestions about how potential revenue streams may be generated.

Awards for the winner: 

  • $30,000 for a collaboration with ABB Electrification to develop an MVP that can be productized and offered to ABB customers

  • 6 month free SynerLeap Special Membership, ABB's startup accelerator, which will boost your growth and visibility across ABB, our partners and customers (Value $10'000)

  • Exclusive mentoring sessions with Microsoft startup advisors

Collaborate with ABB experts

  • You will receive expert support from ABB during the 10 days of competition


Ryan Cook
Global Product Manager, 
Electrification Service


Anna Mazzoleni

Service 4.0 Program Manager, Electrification Service


Valeria Cornelli

Global Service Product Manager, ABB Electrification Service


Tomáš Kozel

Research and Development Principal Engineer,
Electrification Service

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ELSE challenge

Introduction to the challenge

ELSE Video

About ABB Electrification Services

ELSE is the Service division of ABB’s Electrification business. ‘Service’ provides lifecycle support to the installed base or upcoming installed base (in the case of installation, commissioning & other pre-sales consulting).

‘Service’ covers both Low and Medium Voltage products and equipment from the ABB Electrification portfolio as well as third party products coming from other brands to provide a complete solution for our global customer base. ‘Service’ operates in more than 50 counties, has approximately 2.800 employees and enjoys an annual revenue in the region of 1 B USD.

The lifecycle services offered include:

  • Installation & Commissioning.

  • Training.

  • Spare Parts.

  • Repairs & Scheduled Maintenance.

  • Safety checks.

  • Digital Services such as remote assistance, remote monitoring & energy management. 

  • Upgrades & Retrofits (including recycling of redundant materials where possible).

  • Total replacement, Condition Survey & Consultancy.


The various services mentioned above can be ordered separately or, as recommend, combined together in a bespoke multi-year service contract. A contract gives additional benefits such as access to dedicated customer portals for self-service and on-line facilities as well as guaranteed response times and single contact points within the Company.


ABB Electrification Services & sustainability

To achieve World sustainability targets, we must see positive impact across Countries, Organisations & individuals. Sustainability is an enormous topic, and it can be difficult to know what to do to contribute. 

‘Service’ is a powerful contributor. When considering the millions of electrical installations (sub-stations, switchgear, motor control centres, both LV and MV etc.) that exist throughout the world, in various states of its life cycle, ‘Service’ comes into its own by means of extending the operational lifetime of the equipment.

The list of offerings mentioned above highlights the opportunity for ‘Service’ to reduce the total carbon emissions of a piece of electrical equipment or installation by keeping it running in good, safe, and efficient condition for longer. By following this methodology, fewer items need to be manufactured, delivered, installed, decommissioned, transported again, and scrapped. 

The services can be delivered in a traditional way, ie moving people to site involving travel, or in a reduced carbon footprint way by use of digital & remote solutions, in some cases completely taking travel emissions out of the loop.

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Join the Energy Efficiency Movement

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