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Prize: Project funded up to $30,000 


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Smart Power challenge:

3rd party data to benchmark Energy Consumption and Sustainability Goals

We are looking for startups and scaleups who are ready to integrate with our team, products and solutions.

  • ​Provide a large dataset of public available data, for different countries, related to energy production and consumption to enrich the insights generation in ABB Ability™ Energy Management.

  • Display the provided dataset through intuitive visualizations within our ABB Ability™ Energy Management platform presenting 3rd party data and correlation with 1st party data 


Key examples of the data you can bring are average consumption per industry, segment, time period, country, geographical area 

  • Source of electricity (e.g. percentage of renewable energy)

  • Quality of the electrical grid in proximity to client sites (e.g. blackouts, voltage variations)

You will win the competition if you prove us to have found the right automated methodology to sniff / scrape – in an automated, reliable and consistent way - public available energy data (e.g. from TSOs/DSOs, National Authorities, National Agencies focused on pursuing and achieving environmental sustainability, … ). We will evaluate the depth of the public available data set you can collect and make available and the methodology and tool you will propose us to filter the relevant information with advanced queries and the simplicity to correlate the public available data with the sample of our 1st party data. The number of countries covered will increase your score. 

The application domain addressed is a typical industrial building or manufacturing plant, featuring industrial machinery, an HVAC system, anciliary electrical systems dedicated to offices, electrical infrastructure devices (breakers, switches, UPSs), on-premise solar system, etc.


Below you can find some technical information regarding the relevant metrics of interest:

3rd party data to benchmark Energy Consumptions and Sustainability Goals

  • Providing extensive contextualized information is crucial in raising customer awareness with regards to their energy consumption and business continuity, by means of intuitive visualizations integrated into the ABB Ability Energy Management solution

  • We are interested in solutions providing comparable information (due to site proximity, similar industry or similar plant size in terms of energy usage) regarding energy usage (benchmarking) with the possibility to deep dive relevant attributes such as grid power quality (1), sustainability of energy source (2)

  • We are interested in solutions providing a global coverage, and among the top metrics evaluated will be the number of datasets integrated, the extent of parameters monitored, the number of countries covered, the geographical coverage, the depths of historical data, etc.

(1) voltage, frequency, rapid voltage changes, harmonics, unbalance, dips, swells, interruptions, flicker, etc.

(2) percentage of energy coming from renewable resources, such as solar, wind, geothermal, etc.

The winner award is: 

A project for a PoC, worth up to $30,000, with the ultimate goal to be productized and offered to ABB customers

Additional awards to the winner:

  • 6-months SynerLeap membership (value up to $8,000)

  • Exclusive mentoring sessions with Microsoft startup advisors

Collaborate with ABB experts

You will receive expert support from ABB during the 10 days of competition. 

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The Smart Power Challenge presented by Giuseppe Casagrande


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